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A new Tele-dermatology Service for Pharmacies which offers the possibility of carrying out Dermatological Consultations on Nevi and on all other Skin and Trichological Pathologies with specialist reporting (in 24 hours) with indications of therapy by our Dermatologists.

The Pharmacy, after adequate in-person and online training , will be equipped with a dermatoscope with 5 professional optics (two in epiluminescence at 20X and 30X, one wood light at 20X, one natural 20X and one natural at 150X) a computer with DermaSuite the platform for patient management, image acquisition and report request.

This is an important service that the pharmacy can provide both for the prevention of melanoma and for the large number of customers who ask for advice for dermatological problems directly from pharmacists. An important response considering the waiting lists for a dermatological visit to the NHS.

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A service that was created to allow Pharmacists to carry out nutritional advice, bio-impedance analysis and Personalized Diet Programs and Grammati (created by our Nutritionists) to their patients, making use of the support of a remote Nutritionist through our Tele-nutrition platform .

The Pharmacy will be equipped with a tele-nutrition platform connected to the Nutritionist, a professional bio-impedance meter (with 4 electrodes) and training courses.

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The 1st Memory Test in Telemedicine designed for the secondary prevention of Alzheimer's and other Neurodegenerative diseases, to be performed directly in the Pharmacy.

The test, which can be performed from 45 to 75 years of age, aims to identify non-physiological memory loss deficits at an early stage.

Once completed, the results will be sent to Neuropsychologists who will evaluate them and within 48 hours the report will be available for collection at the Pharmacy.


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The PHARMACY is more and more a small Territorial Health Presidium.

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